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    VFW Registration and Uniform distribution

    VFW registration will be held on Tuesday, May 26th, at Knute Nelson field at 5:30pm.  A uniform will NOT be handed out until the $550 registration fee and volunteer hours deposit is paid in full


         Player Fee covers the following:

                    *Uniform: Hat, pants and jersey (pants and jersey must be returned)

                    *League/Tournament fees

                    *Costs for umpires, field maintenance, and program organization

                    *Costs for supplies, such as baseballs, helmets, bats, etc.

                    *Costs for coaches

                    *Hotel rooms

                    *Some travel expenses (Note: Parents may/will be asked to help transport players)

                    *Parent tickets to Alexandria tournaments


    *Parents are asked to write a separate check to AYBA in the amount of $250.  If the family of each player works a minimum of 8 hours/child this check will be shredded at the end of the season.

    *Volunteer time can be done by working at the concession stand, selling tickets at tournaments, assisting with field maintenance, score board, announcing, or other options as determined by the AYBA board.

     *All families, except those serving as Head Coaches or Assistant coaches, must work the full amount of hours to receive credit: partial completion will not be accepted.

     *If someone is unable to work his/her scheduled shift, it is that persons responsibility to find a replacement.


    *The AYBA board has a "No Refund" guidline with the following exceptions:

         If a player decides to drop from the program prior to the playing of the first game, he will receive a refund, minus $50.00 for processing, upon a written request to the Board signed by both the player and his parents/guardian, stating the reason for dropping out of the program.

         If a player is medically unable to participate, and a doctor's note on his/hers official letterhead, indicating that the player cannot play is presented to the AYBA board, along with the player and parent/guardian written request,  the following refunds will occur:

              *If a player and parent/guardian has requested a refund do to medical reasons prior to the start of the season, a total refund, minus a $50 processing fee will be granted.


              *If a player has participated in at least one game, a 50% refund will occur, minus a $50 processing fee.

              *If a player has participated in at least 3 games, NO refund will occur.


    NOTE:  The AYBA Board reserves the right to waive this refund policy or any part of it at its sole discretion at any time.


    If you have any questions about this please consult a board member!







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