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    Starz of Tomorrow Baseball Camp

    The Starz of Tomorrow Baseball Camp is coming to Alexandria June 21st.  Follow the link below to get registered for this amazing opportunity.


    Starz Baseball Camp: Camps - 2023 Alexandria Area Camp

    Important Annoucement!

    Welcome to the new Alexandria Youth Baseball Association website. It is our hope that the information on here helps you to locate and answer all of the questions you have for youth baseball in Alexandria.  
    Last year a conversation began concentrating on the ways in which we could make communication better for our families. In a joint effort from all avenues of youth baseball in Alexandria, we began a planning process to have everything youth baseball under one roof. Below are some of the key concepts we wish to achieve: 

    •  Better communication to all baseball families and the community (use of one website).
    • Streamline programming (online registrations, program information).
    • Promote the Alexandria baseball philosophy and strategies through all levels (player camps, coaches clinics, baseball discussions).
    • Coordinate fundraising efforts.
    • Work cooperatively to enhance all baseball facilities.

    We are excited about this process and the opportunities that lie ahead.   This is just the first step in a broad vision we have for the future of Alexandria baseball. 

    The merger of AABA and AYBA will be effective January 1st, 2021, at which time we will have one baseball organization utilizing the Alexandria Youth Baseball Association (AYBA) name. Going forward, all communications will come from Alexandria Youth Baseball Association and the website will be used for all information and registrations. The website will continue to evolve throughout the transition, so check back often for updates!

    Like always, if you have questions feel free to reach out at any time. 

    Jacob Munsch - Executive Director AYBA
    Shaynen Schmidt - AABA President

    Weather Alerts will be issued by 2 PM on days in which weather is expected to have an impact on playing conditions

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