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Thank you for visiting the Alexandria Baseball website.   We hope you find it easy to navigate and get all the information you need regarding high school and summer baseball.    Each new season requires new things to be uploaded.   Our goal is to have everything for HS and Summer baseball loaded on website by middle of March.  Check back periodically for information that was recently added.

Current Board Members:

Executive Board

President:         Rob Peterson

Vice President:   Brian Stockert

Secretary:         Heidi Reisdorf

Treasurer:          Christine Zick

Board Members:

Ryan Mohrman

Diane Levasseur

Steve Zabel

Greg  Enders

Judy Backhaus

Teresa Simonson

Jeff McCoy

Jason Schmidt

Mike Loge



2019 Summer Baseball Forms

Below is all the summer baseball forms that are needed for the 2019 summer season.   Please fill out all forms and return.   Please note that the "Form #2" will say 2016 on it.   Disregard this date and complete the form as it does not change.


Any questions please ask.